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Intense action!, 19 May 2015-Donovan

If a book doesn't pull me into the story immediately I put it down and this book pulled me in immediately. Was sucked right into the story from page one and the intensity was kept up through the book.
Great read.

 Sample Reviews

Fast paced, action packed and faith in an Almighty God, 23 May 2015-Daniel

​Hibbins has produced a masterpiece in this action packed, fast paced, almost real life drama of the fight of good over evil. I started to read and could not stop in anticipation of what next. But more than a thriller or suspense, cleverly woven into the plot, is the true nature of the spiritual battle that rages in the world today. This story will resonate with many communities in their fight against terror and their dependance on an Almighty God and rekindle the hope and faith in the Living God who loves his people and is not far removed. I can't wait for the next volume in the series.


A wave of Islamic extremists strike the UK.

 It is early May in Cornwall.  The coastal Cornish towns are starting to come alive as the early spring visitors begin to arrive. However, a dark threat looms… The peaceful Cornish landscape is about to be shattered as a number of Al-Qaeda attacks are simultaneously launched on ten coastal towns.

 In Perranporth, one man witnesses the start of the onslaught. Can his dark violent past and his faith in God help him now to avert a massacre? So much is at stake, as the lives of his family, friends and other innocent people hang in the balance. In a race against time, one man seeks to make a difference. But who will prevail in this fight between good and evil?

Coming Soon: Dark Threat -Angel Force Volume Three.

Release Date -Summer 2018


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